Grant van Gameren

Bar Isabel & Bar Raval

Grant van Gameren’s rise towards one of Canada’s most celebrated chefs began shortly after opening the Black Hoof in 2008. With personal memories of family dinners at the helm of his creative inspiration, he launched several ambitious and controversial menus at the Hoof, inviting guests from all over the world to revel in a culinary world they either missed or were missing out on.

van Gameren’s plight for continuous advancement as a visionary directed him away from the Hoof, towards worldly travels, where he was heavily influenced by the convivial style of Spanish dining culture, eventually producing the desire to build the internationally recognized Bar Isabel. His objective personality, authenticity as a man built on noble virtues, as well as relentless work ethic has garnered much success at Bar Isabel, proudly expressed as 2013 en route magazine’s best new Canadian restaurant.

van Gameren’s display of a man destined to leave his mark in a city he loves, trusting others will travel to love it as well, is Bar Raval. His unmistakable duende is doing just that, allowing guests from all over the opportunity to lose themselves in a space which is just as much an art piece as it is a vessel for his timeless respect for the art of enjoying delicious food and drink.

In 2016, van Gameren opened his third, fourth and fifth locale, El Rey Mezcal bar; with a well-curated list of Mezcal, along with Mexican bar bites, Pretty Ugly; a cocktail bar and he revitalized beloved local diner Harry’s Charbroiled Burgers.

2017 will see the opening of a much anticipated head office space that will be like nothing the industry has seen before, as well as a catering company in partnership with good friend, chef Chris Brown and quite possibly a couple more places for the city to kick back, have a great cocktail and relax.


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